Los Angeles based tenor saxophonist/composer Anibal Seminario is recognized as one of the new faces of Peruvian contemporary jazz. His music is known for its melodic content, creative improvisations and passion. Alex Acuña, who hired Anibal for his most recent Latin jazz quintet, called him “A true Jazz Musician and a total saxophonist.” Anibal Seminario’s recent performances and clinics in Peru, have helped establish Seminario not only as a bright educator but also as wonderful musician who cares about his homeland musical community and the bright stars of the near future to come. His last recording as a member of the concert jazz orchestra (CSULB) credited Seminario with an outstanding performance award by the prestigious down beat magazine.

Anibal Seminario was born October 1990 in Lima, Peru. At age 16, while still a high school student, he was asked to participate in the first international classical clarinet competition held by Peru’s national museum, competition in which Seminario won the 1st place and began his musical career soon after that.

Anibal is currently working on his first album, “Cuadra 11” expected to be released within the next year. His most recent project as a co-founder (along long time colleague Lorenzo Ferrero) is the Afro-Peruvian Jazz Orchestra, an 18 piece big band that fusions elements of jazz and traditional Afro-Peruvian music.

Anibal works with a wide variety of artists. He continues to produce, play, record with Alex Acuña, Concert Jazz Orchestra, Afro-Peruvian Jazz Orchestra, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Jerry Rivera, Googoosh, Eva Ayllon,  to just name a few.

Seminario is currently on a world tour with persian artist Faramarz Aslani.